Process Equipment

Equipment Refurbish, Equipment Leasing, Wet Bench Design & Manufacture, customized Equipment Design & Manufacture, Equipment Key Consumable/Spare Parts Engineering, Equipment Repair/PM/Modification


FOUP / Wafer Transfer System

EFEM, Semi-Automatic Probing Machine, FOUP Lifter, Sorter for 150-200mm Wafer, Automatic Wafer Loader, Back non-contact microscope loader, Non-contact Reversal Loader


Automation System

Auto Storage/Retrieval System, Auto Guided Vehicle System, Monorail


Facility System

Clean-room Construction, Facility System Integrated Service, Piping Hookup, Gas Cabinet Design & Manufacture


About Us

Kenmec has already operated for 38 years from traditional industries automation to high technology like IT, TFT-LCD, Solar Cell total solution, LED etc. with integrated total solution and build up long-term partnership with customers. Kenmec organizes semiconductor team and penetrates into semiconductor, GaAs, MEMS and Opto-Electric industries on 2013 to provide process equipment, automation solution, clean-room construction, key consumable/spare parts engineering and manufacture, equipment refurbish/ troubleshooting/ modification. Kenmec semiconductor team has well-proved capabilities to provide etch, thinfilm, lithography used equipment refurbishment, equipment leasing/rent, equipment troubleshooting/PM service/modification, as well as wet bench design and manufacture. Kenmec has outstanding experience to develop customized equipment and be 300mm equipment local partners. Kenmec is building connection with technical teams around the world continuously and aggressively to provide advanced 450mm solution to our customers



  • Semiconductor
  • GaAs
  • MEMS
  • Opto-Electric
  • Green Energy

Contact Us

5F., No.97, Sec. 2, Nangang Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 11578, Taiwan (R.O.C.)